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Technical Writing

Course Description:
The course is designed to introduce the students to the written conventions of technical writing and their applications in the field of education. Structured for students majoring in English, this course emphasizes the elements, methods, and format necessary for producing well-organized, clear and concise writings. Special emphasis is placed on techniques which technical writers employ and which Education students will find useful, both academically and professionally
Course Objectives
General Objective:
At the end of the semester, students are expected to have full comprehension of the fundamentals of technical writing and to be able to apply them in actual writing activities.
Specific Objectives:
Cognitive: Think through writing situations and create written reports and technical literature that will effectively present information to meet the reader’s needs.
Affective: Appreciate the values and significance of effective technical writing. Psychomotor: Apply the standards of good technical writing style in creating reports, documents and a variety of technical literature.
Course Rationale:
Writing is an essential activity that is required of both students and professionals. As a student, one finds writing as an indispensable tool for a majority of his learning tasks, such as note-taking, composition writing, research writing and many other writing activities. As a professional, one realizes that the ability to write effective correspondence and documents is not only a job requirement, but a plus factor as well. In either case, knowledge and skill in technical writing are both essential and beneficial.

Book Reference:
Technical Writing by Vicente, Corazon, Soria and Mogol.
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